The Shredder
James Saito
Played by: James Saito
Name: Oroku Saki
Codename: Shredder
Alias: Shredder.
Race: Human
Occupation: Criminal Mastermind/International Criminal
Additional Info: "You are here because the outside world rejects you. This is your family. I am your father. I want you all to become full members of the Foot. There is a new enemy: freaks of nature who interfere with our business. You are my eyes and ears; find them. Together we will punish these creatures. These… Turtles."

The Original Shredder was a Tengu (demon), in the fourth century A Tengu arose from some unknown depth of the underworld. His goal was to conquer the world and establish an Empire that revolved around cruelty and pain. Eventually he was defeated in the past by a group of 5 ninja warriors. Eventually the demon was destroyed though not without cost or deception. while his body was destroyed his armor survived, and was passed down generation to generation to the current owner.

Oroku Saki.

His father had been rendered an orphan in Japan after World War two and everything they had was destroyed, the Empire of Japan was dismantled and forced to surrender in humiliating defeat. As a result the father used the Tengu armor of the Shredder to establish a criminal empire, to topple the corrupt puppet government of the the US and not only did he establish it, but it flourished as it incorporated it's self into the post war Japan. Working it's self into the foundation of every company and corporation, and eventually spreading across Asia, and into the United States. Using the Laws of America to begin to build a foundation across the states. One that operated in secret.

Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi lived in Japan and were both in love with the same woman, Tang Shen, but Tang Shen only loved Yoshi. Rather than fight Saki for her hand, she persuaded Yoshi to flee to America, Yoshi and Tang escaped to live in New York, but Saki found them. Out of hatred and jealousy, he murdered Shen first alone in her home and waited for Yoshi to get home from construction work. During the fight, Splinter, still just a pet rat, escaped from his cage and bit and clawed all over Saki's face. Since then, he has carried a scar on his face. In return, Saki took a swipe at Splinter's ear with his katana, slicing a small part of it off. After this incident, it is said that Saki is never heard from again.

Sakai's father eventually died from the radiation fall out from the two atomic bombs and he inherited the Armor of Shredder. Shredder who had been groomed from childhood, to take over his criminal empire. Oroku Saki ceased to exist. And Shredder began to build his empire up more. This time targeting the most important resource the world had to offer. It's children.

Shredder began to take in the rejects, the orphans, the criminally inclined, the mutants, the homeless. buying children from drug addicted parents, everything he could to raise the next generation of leaders and workers.

Shredder learned of an upcoming biotechnology firm, and decided to have it raided. There he discovered this Green glowing ooze like substance that resulted in the mutation of both humans, and animals. Shredder realizing that this ooze could be a powerful weapon decided to steal the formula. Only to discover it was the by produce of a piece of alien technology. He stole the device, and through legal means took control of the company. Techno Global Research Institute. T.G.R.I.

A shipment of chemicals that had been planned ended up being shipped and an accident occurred resulting in a young boy Matt Murdock coming into contact with the substance resulting in him gaining extra ordinary powers. Allowing him to eventually become the Super Hero Daredevil.

Around the same time, the shipment also came in contact with Splinter, and four baby turtles, causing them to mutate and grow gaining human level intelligence and abilities. And in the end would turn into Shredder's worst enemies. The Turtles. Slowly surely Shredder moved launching a wave of thefts and crime across New York working on the next set of his master plan, and finally a nosy reporter. April O'Neil. And realized that it was time to silence her, and decided to have her intimidated.

This lead to the Discovery of the Turtles, mutant turtles and one of the foot followed Raphael to their lair, allowing his forces to abduct Splinter. Unable to get answers from the Rat, Shredder realized that it was time to have the foot brought into public light, a small sacrifice to protect the rest of the group. And this lead to the climatic Showdown on a roof top, between the four turtles, and he thoroughly trounced them, only when splinter appeared did he realize who the rat was and in the one moment for scarring his face Shredder lost control, plunging into a trash compactor. And after activated he some how managed to survive even more heavily scared than before.

after a few months of recovery which granted him time and allowing him to create four warriors, The Wart Hog warrior Bebop, The Rhino Rocksteady, as well as the more elite Tokka A mutated Snapping Turtle, and Timber wolf Rahzar. While not the strongest or most powerful creatures. They did fill a niche. He had been noticing a rise in mutations, humans with super human powers and abilities and has done all he can to recruit as many of these into his ranks of the foot clan as he can.

Now, he is ready to once again attack New York to protect his criminal empire as he works to place his followers in positions of power around the world. All the while keeping. a very close eye on the Turtles.

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