Drew van Acker
Played by: Drew van Acker
Name: Cole Hardey
Codename: Spacetime
Alias: alias here
Race: Metahuman
Team: None
Occupation: Homeless Superhero
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  • Cole is originally from San Francisco, California. An only child, his father was a police officer and his mother a scientist working at a lab working on experimental energies. An accident during an experiment exposed her and her then unborn child to some of those energies. At the time they were both cleared with no signs of anything wrong. Unknown to anyone, that accident would result in Cole developing powers as he grew. He discovered them at a young age, saving himself from falling down some stairs with a quick teleport. Prompted by a comic book, he decided to keep his powers secret. Cole practiced with his abilities on and off but mostly led a normal life. He went to school, he practiced his guitar, and things were good. At least until he was turning fourteen. His father was killed in the line of duty, shot by a bank robbery suspect. The loss hit Cole and his mother hard, the pair ending up moving out of California and to a small town in northern Ohio to live with Cole’s grandmother. Deciding he should do something with his powers rather than just play around, Cole made a costume and became Spacetime. For the most part he was small time, rescuing people from accidents and finding missing people. It was rare he actually had to deal with criminals, his biggest issue a local bully with powers that liked to make trouble in town. So no one was ready when a demon-worshipping cult moved into town and began kidnapping people to use as ritual sacrifices. Cole fought to save them but weren’t in time to prevent the ritual to summon the cult’s demon master from beginning. In an effort to prevent the demon from emerging and killing everyone or threatening the world, Cole started teleporting away some of the magic items the cult was using. This caused a bad reaction with his abilities and a huge explosion. While a good portion of the town was destroyed by the blast that the news wrote off as a natural gas accident causing a trail derailment, Cole stopped the ritual. But not without cost to himself. The demon, desperate to reach Earth, tried to claw its way into Cole’s mind. It was unable to possess his body but damage was done, large chunks of the teenager’s memory gone entirely. And to make matters worse, the whole mess sent Cole teleporting involuntarily farther than he’d ever gone before. Somewhere closer to the New York City area…
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