Amazing Spider-Man
Tom Holland
Played by: Tom Holland
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Codename: Spider-Man
Alias: Peter
Race: Metahuman
Team: None
Occupation: Student and Freelance Photographer
Additional Info: N/A

Peter Benjamin Parker was the first and only child of Richard and Mary Parker. For his first few years, his childhood was pretty run of the mill. He was raised in Queens, New York. His parents worked, but always made time for him. And then, when he was six years old, he found himself an orphan. His parents died while they were out of the country, doing something for the government.

From that point on, he was raised by his Uncle Ben and his Aunt May. They never had children, but they loved Peter as if he was their own. And for almost a decade, that's how he lived. Socially, he was a late bloomer. Painfully shy, his Aunt and Uncle knew from an early age that he was intellectually gifted. He was so curious, so inquisitive, always taking things apart and putting them back together. They even sent him to Science Camp.

Then one day when he was a student at Midtown High School, he went on a field trip and was bitten by a spider. He was fifteen years old. From that day forth, he found that he had been blessed with the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a spider. He developed web fluid and web shooters to disperse it. He created a costume for himself and became Spider-Man.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before becoming Spider-Man, he donned a mask to took part in an all-comers wrestling match, which he easily won. He planned to use his newfound powers and abilities to ensure that from now on, Uncle Ben and Aunt May would live a comfortable existence. He would provide for their every need. And he could. He would use his powers to gain millions.

After making a paid television appearance, he allowed a thief to run past him. Spider-Man could have intervened, but chose not to. Instead, he left the thief to the mercy of the security guard who was chasing after him. Spider-Man figured that would be the end of that. But a few days later, he was horrified to discover that not only had Uncle Ben been murdered, but he was shot by the thief who he had allowed to escape only days earlier. Had Peter stopped him, Uncle Ben would still be alive. But because he didn't, he lost his Uncle.

Now he understood that with great power there must also come great responsibility. He began to treat his powers with the respect they deserved. He could do good, he could help people out. He believed it was his destiny.

He became the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. He used his powers for the betterment of all. He did whatever he could to help. He began rounding up criminals, stopping robberies, saving cats from trees, whenever he could find a cat stuck up a tree, and anything else he could think of to be of help.

When the publisher of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, offered a reward for photos of Spider-Man, Peter Parker found his first real job. Although self- taught, he has become an excellent photographer. Over time, he's upgraded his equipment, and come up with better explanations for his photos of Spider-Man.

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