Spy Game
Title: Spy Game
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis: Mike and Nico are sent to infiltrate a film project suspected to have HYDRA ties but things take a turn.
Duration: February 2016 - April 2016
Participants: Peggy, Maine, Phantasm, 'Nico', Piper
Run By: Ghost
Additional Info: .
  • Maine obtains information that an upcoming tv production, 'Spy Game' may have some Hydra related goals behind it. Asks Mike to accept a role in the production that he was initially going to decline.
  • Mike brings one of Maine's agents with him to pose as his trainer. Poor Nico
  • Germany // First film site // Nico utilizes Mike's Phantasm abilities to get into secure locations.
  • Australia // Second film site // SHIELD loses contact with Nico and Mike. Maine has a briefing on asset recovery. Upon questioning Bridget Marinos, a former Hydra asset, Coober Pedy, Australia is listed as a possible Hydra location.
  • Albany, Australia // Natasha gets a phone call from a magic user by the name of Piper who claims they were instructed by Mike to call her. Nat shows up and finds that Piper has been taking care of an injured Nico and thinks Mike may have taken a fight with Mordo outside of city limits.
  • Natasha and Piper spend several days following information gained from Bull roarer conversations of a battle between two magic users that is drifting further and further north. The general gist from the conversations is that time the one presumed to be Mordo starts turning the fight towards the locals, the other one starts drawing him further away into the desert.
  • Imanpa, Australia // A town in the lower part of Northern Australia with a population of 150. Most recent location Mike and Mordo have been reported being at.
  • Areyonga, Australia // Search for Mike results in them finding the last battle scene prior to Mike getting taken away. Piper locates Mike's blood which she uses to create a magic blood compass to track down Mike.
  • Finke Gorge National Park, Australia // A previously undisclosed underground Hydra base is discovered. Natasha and Piper extract Mike while Hydra members are distracted by a very peeved off Mordo.
  • After Mike is reasonably awake and he gets into an argument with Natasha, Maine puts the two of them together as partners.
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