Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl
Allison Scagliotti
Played by: Allison Scagliotti
Name: Doreen Green
Codename: Squirrel Girl
Alias: Doreen
Race: Mutant
Team: None
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: NA

Doreen Green was born in Los Angeles, California to Maureen Green, who wanted nothing more than to keep her daughter safe. As Doreen was born with a bushy tail, clawed hands and feet and buck teeth, she was an obvious mutant and had to be hidden away even as a newborn. Maureen worried for her daughter's safety, especially as she grew up. It was extremely difficult to keep her indoors and out of sight of people outside of the neighborhood. The people around them were rather accepting of Doreen and the children thought it was 'awesome' that she was able to climb trees and communicate with squirrels. She developed a special affinity with a brown squirrel whom she named Monkey Joe.

Much of Doreen's early life consisted of her trying to push the limits of her abilities, and her mother trying to keep her hidden away. It worked, for a while, but as Doreen approached her teenage years, it became more and more difficult to keep her from being seen by the public. When she turned fourteen, everything changed. Mutants became exposed and violence began to erupt. The people in their neighborhood no longer trusted the Greens, and what had once been a safe haven was becoming dangerous. Doreen heard through the grapevine about a school in New York for mutants, and tried to convince her mother to move them there. Maureen reluctantly agreed. New York was more or less ground zero for the violence against mutants, but if there was a chance that it would help, then they had little choice.

So now, Doreen, AKA Squirrel Girl, resides in New York City with her mother, where she still aspires to be a superheroine. She has established herself as Central Park's defender, keeping the people and animals safe.

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