Chris Pratt
Played by: Chris Pratt
Name: Peter Jason Quill
Codename: Star-Lord
Alias: Star-Lord and Quill
Race: Human/Alien
Team: Guardians of the Galaxy
Occupation: Ravager. Outlaw. Guardian.
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Born and raised in the midwestern state of Missouri, Peter Quill was a troubled young man when destiny came knocking on his door. Always getting into trouble and fights as a kid, for all the right reasons, a lot of this stemmed from the fact that his mother was sick and dying. She passed away when he was eight years old and unable to handle it, Peter ran from the hospital and was subsequently abducted from the planet by, well, aliens.

While Peter was supposed to be taken to his father, the leader of the Ravagers became like a father to Peter instead. They took the boy in, trained him to be an impeccable thief and space pirate, teaching him everything they knew about being on the wrong side of the law in the galaxy. Peter grew up, traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other and eventually became a Ravager himself. His coming of age present was an M-Ship that he proceeded to trick out and dubbed: The Milano.

With his own ship, Peter Quill took to the galaxy like a fish in water, exploring and adventuring without a care in the world. Working as a Ravager, he smuggled this, stole that and pretty much did whatever the hell he wanted to. That is, of course, until he stole something that would bring him into contact with some seriously bad individuals. Upon finding out what he had in his possession, things quickly began to spiral out of control. Fights happened. Bounties had attempted to be collected. And before long, Peter found himself locked in the Kyln.

It was there that Peter teamed up with a crazy band of misfits to escape the prison. It was during that escape that they formed a sort of kinship and bond that would start to be difficult to break. Though for various reasons, they worked together to attempt to protect the galaxy from falling prey to the evils of the galaxy. Through teamwork, shenanigans and one seriously one-sided dance battle these misfits had become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now they travel across the universe looking to do something good. Or something bad.

Okay, maybe a bit of both.

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