Princess of Tamaran
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Koriand'r
Codename: Starfire
Alias: Koriand'r, Kory, and Starfire
Race: Alien
Team: Titans
Occupation: Leader of the Titans
Additional Info: "I am going to my room to partake of the mustard!"

Koriand'r is the second daughter of the royal family of Tamaran. She was chosen to be crown princess over her elder sister, and thus the elder sister Komand'r (who couldn't absorb solar power) became bitter and hateful. Kom made a deal with the Psions and gave them all the security codes needed to invade and conquer Tamaran. Kory was 10 when that happened and she became a slave, tortured daily for years. Kom and the Psions razed Tamaran, eventually making it uninhabitable. 6 years later, Kory managed to make her escape with a group of loyal friends, commandeered a scout ship, and flew to a backwater part of the galaxy. They beamed Kory to the surface of the primitive planet known as Earth and then hid the ship on the moon to evade detection.

Some good people found Koriand'r shortly after her landing - she had no idea how to 'be human'. She made a few friends who took her under their wing, helped her get disguises (namely trench coats and fedoras and the like) and helped her get a job modeling at a small magazine company who catered to mustants and aliens living on the planet, especially those who couldn't blend in well. She made friends in the industry too, and her life came up - she didn't dare expose herself on Earth for fear of bounty hunters sent from her sister or xenophobes, so stays quiet. Starting to get used to things, she joined a forming group of young superheroes named the Titans, and decided to use her powers for good.

In the years since, Kory continues her modeling career, even getting a few acting gigs, while continuing to fight for the forces of justice at her side. After New Tamaran was founded, Komand'r was not welcome there, so Koriand'r's exile is technically over. However, the politicial situation on the new Tamaranean homeworld is rather rocky, with a strong anti-royal sentiment (due to Kom's actions causing the destruction of Old Tamaran and the loss of a lot of life) thus Kory stays on Earth, and uses her ship and crew for communication and commerce between her people's new homeworld and the world that she now calls home.

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