Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor
Chris Pine
Played by: Chris Pine
Name: Colonel Stephen Rockwell-Trevor
Codename: Steve Trevor
Alias: ST, Trevor
Race: Human
Team: None
Occupation: United States Army Air Service Colonel, Retired
Additional Info: N/A

When Stephen Rockwell Trevor's mother Diana Rockwell disappeared, he was left to be raised by his father, Ulysses Stephen Trevor, which probably accounts for some of his bad habits, but not all.

When the United States declared war on Germany in 1917, Trevor enlisted in the United States Army and was among the first American troops to set foot in France.

Most men chosen for pilot training had college degrees and Trevor had to struggle to gain permission to fly. Instead, he was assigned as an engineering officer at the 3rd Aviation Instruction Centre at Issoudun, the US Air Service's pursuit training facility, where he practiced flying during his free time.

Trevor demonstrated that he was a qualified pilot, and the military awarded him a place in one of America's air combat units, the 94th Aero Squadron, which was nicknamed the "Hat-in-the-Ring" Squadron after its insignia.

Most aces' records of the time are 'best estimates', as the military verified combat claims by ground witnesses, affirmations of other pilots, or observation of the wreckage. If no witnesses could be found, a reported kill was not counted.

Nevertheless, Trevor's 26 confirmed victories remained the American record until World War II. Trevor was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross a record eight times. One of these awards was converted posthumously in 1930 to the Medal of Honour. He was also awarded the Legion of Honour and the Croix de Guerre by France.

But it wasn't all roses and sunshine. He crashed twice. The first came while flying near the island of Themyscira. He made a water landing in a bay, got to the shore, but lost consciousness. There, he was discovered by Princess Diana, who promptly questioned his manhood.

Worse still, the island came under attack shortly thereafter. He was viewed with suspicion and doubt. He thought that they were going to kill him. Some of them wanted to. But his boyish charm, or chauvinistic ignorance, eventually won them over… barely. Somehow, he was able to convince them that he posed absolutely no threat to the Amazons.

During his stay on Paradise Island, he became infatuated with the Queen's daughter, Diana. Sadly, the attraction was a one-sided affair. She saw him as a curiosity, something to be studied and understood. He was a novelty to her.

He was pleased when she won the contest to see who would accompany him to what they called the Patriarch's World. Returning to the war effort, he was photographed with her and others in Belgium, 1918. Unfortunately, he was shot down behind enemy lines late into the war.

Wonder Woman searched for him, but he could not be located, and was eventually deemed Killed In Action. The reality was much different…

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