James Tolkan
Played by: James Tolkan
Name: Mark Hallett
Codename: Sunder
Alias: Sunder
Race: Mutant
Team: Morlocks
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: Player is Shebakoby

Never a man of many words, the past life of the Morlock named Sunder is still unknown. Not even his real age or family background has been revealed. It could be the case that Sunder looked as brutish as he did since birth, making him an early outcast. Probably, though, he led a rather normal life till puberty and had no one to help him through the rather traumatic changes that come along with manifesting mutant powers, especially physical ones that make a person visibly stand out. Either orphaned or abandoned by his family, Sunder eventually met some fellow outcasts in Callisto, Caliban and Masque -all of them mutants, just like him. Its quite likely that Calibans power to detect other mutants was what brought them together. They decided to create an underground community for people who were not welcome in society, and they aptly named themselves the Morlocks, like in H.G. Wells novel, The Time Machine. Soon, the newly christened "Alley," an abandoned underground bomb shelter constructed under Manhattan during the Cold War, was filled with dozens, even hundreds of mutants and other outcasts, carving out an entire civilization for themselves underneath the bedrock.

Sunder Logs
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