Man of Steel
Tyler Hoechlin
Played by: Tyler Hoechlin
Name: Clark Kent
Codename: Superman
Alias: Superman, Super, Supes, Clark, Kal, and Kal-El
Race: Alien
Team: n/a
Occupation: Reporter
Additional Info: "In this world, there is right and wrong, and the distinction is not hard to make. The powers we have, the things we do, they're meant to inspire ordinary citizens. Not intimidate them, not terrify them."

Kal-El has a complicated history, but most of it happened before he could remember.

The son of Jor-El and Lar-El, Kal-El was a child of great prestige on Krypton. Unfortunately, time to bask in the importance of his birth was a memory that even he could never remember, even now. Jor-El was a scientist, the most renowned in the Science Guild. Unfortunately, the various council members didnt believe his latest findings. No one wanted to believe that Kryptons legacy and life was ending. In secret, Jor-El began to work on a contingency plan. He built a rocket. The plan was originally going to send the whole family, but time did not permit. There was only time to build one; there was only time to save his only son.

Kal was rocketed off toward a distant planet called: Earth. His entry into the planet was far from pleasant. Colliding into the Kansas wilderness, the ship caused many sparks. Two passing motorist saw an object zip across the sky before it collided into the sea of green.

By the time the pair made it to the forest, small patches of an orange glow began. Still, they were too curious and concerned turn back. The pair pressed onward. What they found took them by surprise.

At the center of the crash was a spaceship clearly not from earth. As they approached the ship, the hatch opened and inside a baby greeted them. In the distance helicopters could be heard. People were coming. Not knowing what else to do the pair grabbed everything they could from inside the ship and took the baby with them.

Once inside the truck, the couple sped off. Somehow they went unseen by the approaching helicopters. The night ended with the phrase, Well Martha, you always wanted a child.

After that day Kal-El became Clark Kent, a child orphaned at the doorstep of his rescuers, Jonathon and Martha Kent. For over eight years, Clark lived a pretty normal life. He was surrounded by love, taught the responsibilities that came with a farm, along with the hard work. Everything was normal and average until one day at school.

First, it started with the school bell. Somehow it sounded like the church bell going of every time the little handle hit the bell. Conversations were screamed, whispers were anything but, all of it was loud. His vision started to do more too. Some walls he could see through, others he could see past, it kept changing rapidly.

Clark broke away from class and locked himself in the dark confides of the Janitor closet. When Martha came, it was a relief. Her words were forever stuck in Clarks mind, Make the world smaller, Clark. Focus on my voice.

From that day on the Kents knew that Clark was anything, but normal. Teachers noticed a change too. Despite the outburst, Clark was head of the class. Consecutively, for every year and that included Kindergarten. Often the administration wanted to bump Clark up a few grades, but the Kents denied them every time. Yet after that incident, Clark became average. The change was so dramatic and sudden, a few wondered if some kind of act was being followed, but nothing could be proven.

Suspicions died down as year after year Clark Kent was simply deemed average by the education system. A few had their hunches, but nine to ten years of Cs killed their drive. Clark Kent eventually graduated Smallville High. At the ceremony he told nearly lifelong friends Lana, Pete and Chloe that he was going to head to Metropolis after graduation. It just felt right. They asked him what he was going to do, how he would live, and just like when his parents drilled him on the same issue, Clark didnt have an answer for them.

Metropolis was there for Clark shortly after graduation. The city greeted him with disinterested arms. Metropolis was not Smallville. All the hospitality, some of the kindness and the small town community feel was completely sucked out of the cityscape to create a new atmosphere Clark didnt expect.

He managed to save enough money to stay at a hotel for the few weeks. During this time he applied to many entry level positions. A few moments were even spared to try out for minor-league baseball team the Metropolis Jets.

The offers didnt come right away, but when they did it was a proverbial flood gate. People werent tripping over themselves to give Clark entry level work. They wanted him to be Department Head, Star Player, Lead Physicist, and any other high ranking position that stopped just a few hairs short of board member.

Incentives for considering, stock options, six and seven figure deals, Name your own price it was all included in the many many offers that came to Clark Kent, but money wasnt everything to him. Whatever Clark was going to do, it had to feel right for him. Regardless of pay and benefits, he had to feel like the job was worth his time, effort and energy. What good was money if he hated every time the alarm went off and each time he looked at himself in the mirror?

So, Clark just debated what job sounded best. He stalled on talking people saying, I need a few days to decide. Flight 4414 helped Clark decide some aspects of his life.

Every new station and internet news website associated with metropolis played a live feed. One of the engines on Flight 4414 had given out. Now, the plane was hurtling toward the city. Everyone knew ther were going to be fatalities. Clark couldnt sit by and let that happen.

All the feeds managed to get the footage of a small blip int eh sky heading toward the plane. Somehow this small object managed to stabilize the plane. Without its help, the plane wouldnt have been able to land in the local river, nor would have the passengers been safe. Despite something truly miraculous happening, there was one other factor that stood out.

No one was able to get a look at the guy. Whether it was looking out of the plane, snapping a photo or making a video with cell phones, no one could get a shot that identified the rescuer. Even after the plane landed he just shot out of the water and went into the sky like a speeding bullet.

The Metropolis Gazette dubbed this entity to be The Blur. In the wake of The Blurs appearance, people debated if such a figure had the right morals guiding them. If this person, entity, thing was on the side of angels or something more deceptive.

To quell some fears, The Blur started to appear. Bank robberies, stopping out of control cars, and a variety of other activities had people reporting on a Blur suddenly saving them. This didnt stop the debates. Some voices were silenced, but not too many.

Thinking on this, Clark realized it was only a matter of time before someone got the right photo at the right time. The debates told him The Blur had to be something tangible, too.

One day a cart was teetering over a bridge, and the Blur did something it had never done before. It stopped. People saw a costume that was mostly sky blue with hints of red that matched boots, a cape and a blazon symbol upon his chest that looked like an S.

People saw him land upon the bridge before seeing what was going on before rescuing the car. James Olsen got the best shots of the situation; including when he waved to the people he saved while flying away.

Lois Lane pegged the term, Superman, in the article, Blur No More! Between the piece and the images, it put the Daily Planet on the map. What drove their sales into overdrive came from a young freelance reporter named Clark Kent. Somehow he managed to get the first exclusive with the hero for the piece, Superman Arrives!

The article talked about Krypton, how the symbol on his chest meant Hope and that he was going to be known as Superman from here on out, but he was just like everyone else. The hero urged the readers to give him a chance because at the end of the day, Im just here to help, whether you believe me or not.

The rest was History]]

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