Lea Seydoux - Spectre
Played by: Lea Seydoux - Spectre
Name: Lana Lang
Codename: Superwoman
Alias: Lana
Race: Human
Team: none
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
Additional Info: I know what I need to do with my life now. Life is so precious, so beautiful and to be able to protect that, that's an amazing gift.

Lana Lang was born and raised in Smallville. She was a social butterfly throughout school, and she was a lifelong friend of Clark Kent.

After she graduated high school, Lana found herself in a strange situation, as she was exposed to alien crystals during a peculiar meteor shower. She was tested for everything from alien viruses to radiation poisoning, but found to be in good health. It was then that she was approached by Project Prometheus. The little known project sought to fuse ideal specimens with alien DNA, through nanotechnology. Hoping that she could somehow make a difference in the world, Lana agreed. The project resulted in making Lana one of the most powerful women the world had ever known.

Under the guise of Superwoman, Lana began a life devoted to helping others, and moved to Metropolis, in order to follow her callings in both journalism and heroics.

Superwoman Logs
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