Grace Park
Played by: Grace Park
Name: Kono Kalakaua
Codename: Sway
Alias: Kono
Race: Mutant
Team: n/a
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Kono was born in Hawaii to a loving immediate family and a loving extended family. An overall happy and adventurous childhood as many would expect living in Hawaii. By the age of five she was starting to learn to surf, learning her heritage on the island, and starting to think about what she wanted to do later in life. Her father and many of her uncles all worked as police officers and she decided, a many young children do, to follow in their footsteps.

By the age of thirteen, she was already very good at surfing. A natural some would say. A love of the waves had her out any time the weather was good, and sometimes when it wasn't, to take the waves and just enjoy. She took to teaching younger children to surf for pocket money. Her family wasn't poor, but they weren't exactly rich either, so the pocket money was put to good use. Buying surfing supplies, books she may want, or some clothes. Mostly surfing supplies. Surfing is what brought her to the attention of Professor Charles Xavier though, at least in a way.

She was out on her board and enjoying the day, the surf just right and keeping her attention. She didn't notice where she'd drifted during a particularly choice wave, though, and ended up over toward where a number of sharp rocks were sticking up out of the sand along one side of the beach. As many would do in her place, she panicked, trying to thrust her hand out to fend off the impending danger. While she didn't stop it, from her perspective, all of the world seemed to slow down. Later she would say it was rather like the 'bullet-time' effect from the matrix or when Clark did superspeed in Smallville and the whole world seemed to just pause. Luckily, when the 'pause' wore off, she hit the rocks and other than some bad scrapes, did not get the injuries that she feared she would

Charles brought her to the school to teach her how to control her powers. Since her powers did not really have any noticable 'lashing out' effect on others, unlike the optic blasts that Scott has or the telekinetic shoves that Jean would sometimes display, she learned what she could and then returned to her family. At fifteen she was discovered by the owner of a surf brand and went on to surf in the junior pros. she tried to not use her powers to give her an adantage, wantingto win fair and square if she did win. That lasted three years, till just before she would have gone into the adult circuit. She blew her knee out in a particularly bad accident. After rehab, while she could still surf, she wasn't able to surf confidetly in the competitions, so she retired from the professional surfing competitions. While that bothered her, it did allow her to get back to surfing just for loving the sport.

After her surf career ended, she decided to follow the 'family business' and go to the police academy. She soaed up whatever knowledge she could get, taking extra seminars and courses wherever she could fit them in.Hand-to-hand, sniper training, regular marsmanship, basic forencis, and a number of other things that many don't learn in the academy. Some were taught to her by family, others were taught by the police academy to officers that were already on the force for continued training or refresher courses. By the age of 21 she had graduated from the academy and started as a rooie cop.

After a year, she was rising through the ranks, or at least starting to. Making her mark.

Trouble came though when he was asked to go in with a group of swat officers on a bust. It ended up being bad Intel from a confidential informant, leading them into a trap. When the drug dealers and gang started to fire, she stopped hiding her powers and the bullets slowed to a stop. This obvious use of her abilities let everyone know that she was a mutant, though it did save their lives. Most of the police officers didn't care, though a number of those in the upper echelons that came from off the islands did. Those 'haoles' quickly made it untenable to continue working as a cop on the island. The final straw being when one of those bigoted officers tried to arrest a fifteen year old mutant as a terrorist when her powers manifested violently, blowing a rather large hole in a park. The poor girl was being bullied and harassed, and in the moment of high emotion, her dormant powers lashed out. Luckily no one was injured, but Kono took the girl and with the blessings of some of the higher ranked officers took the girl to Xavier's where she could find a place to learn, just as Kono herself had. When she was there, Xavier asked her to stay on as a teacher and mentor.

Kono Logs
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