Tech Star
Samuel Morgan
Played by: ??
Name: Samuel Morgan
Codename: Tech Star
Alias: Sam
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants (usually)
Occupation: Student/Freelance consultant (Stark Industries)
Additional Info: NA

There are times it seems that the stars align and produce the most perfect, the most precious and the most exquisite of things that shall echo down the centuries forever more. None of that happened when Samuel Morgan was born. The best you could say for the foggy day that heralded his birth was that the light drizzle outside wasn't exactly rain, and whatever alignment the stars had deigned to showcase that evening was hidden behind dense cloud cover. Because sometimes nature just doesn't have a soul…

Born in upstate New York, Samuel Morgan was spared the rigors of life on Manhattan island because his parents couldn't afford to live there even if by some miraculous twist of masochistic fate they would have wanted to. They were well off, but not that well off that they could afford the square footage to raise a child as well as support their careers. Out of necessity and cruel, cruel fate, Sam would have to grow up among the verdant trees, the wide open spaces, the relatively crime free suburban streets and the lack of stress that comes with parents that can work flexible hours. Not exactly the stuff of legends, certainly not the stuff of tragic heroes or valiant defenders of the planet. It seems that from the start, young Sam was destined to be… well, Sam.

This would normally be the point in the narrative where his parents figure out through some twist of plot device, possibly a string of broken electrics, that their beloved son is a mutant. This is where the shock is supposed to set in, the anger, the confusion, the heartache that shapes destinies… but Sam's parents knew he wasn't quite entirely human when he was born. Rarely do newborns have eyes that flicker with lightning, and even the brightest of blue eyes on children are never quite that blue. Certainly not with hazel colored hair. So when his powers manifested in a string of inexplicable electronic mishaps, they were ready for it. They double ground all the electrics, upgraded the surge protectors in the house, modernised the circuit breakers and on the whole just got on with things, explaining carefully to Sam that he's a bit different from others, even others like him. None of this bothered the boy who got on with the business of growing up, getting into mischief, and exploring these odd things he could do.

Sacrifices had to be made, naturally, mostly in the form of having to park the second family car in the driveway so Sam could have a corner of the garage to himself for tinkering and experimentation. In turn he made sure to be careful around expensive electronics, and understood that while this wasn't exactly top secret there was no reason to shout it out either. Achieving academic normality as well as social normality, soon Sam's parents began to look for places to teach him to be himself… in every possible way.

Enter Xavier's school for Gifted Youth. While Sam's academic record was sufficient to get him in, it was the home visit of the assessor that sealed the deal. Because young Sam is different… and it doesn't bother him one bit.

At Xavier's:

It was at Xavier's school that Sam first came into contact with other mutants. Too young for teenage angst or other existential crises, he treated it like he would have any other boarding school, feeling rapidly at home amongst the bizarre and the outlandish. Throughout the months he has spent being tutored by those who are hoping to foster understanding and coexistence between mutants and humans, he has seen things that would be thought of as incredible to most beings. Gods, intelligent alien life, artificial intelligence of alien origin, avatars of power, mythological creatures and even a dragon… Sam has seen them all and chatted with most. Even the extraordinary becomes ordinary when viewed through the prism of innocence.

If his life could be said to have one event that turned it from the ordinary into the extraordinary, it would have been the riots in New York that finally revealed mutants throughout the world. Along with Jean Grey, Samuel Morgan has the dubious honour of being the first mutant the world ever saw. For weeks he was afraid to go out, and when he finally did he was attacked practically on sight, in broad daylight, on the streets of New York. Saved by Remy, Sam knew that things could not stay the same…

The Birth of Tech Star:

Having always been a fan of Iron Man, and always tinkering with his own 'inventions', Samuel Morgan had never had the time or resources to create the suit he had always dreamed of. With nothing but time on his hands, and a brief jaunt as Tony Stark's 'junior apprentice' thanks to his easy familiarity with all things technological, Sam turned one of the workshops under Xavier's into his own little domain. Using scavenged parts and a few design ideas entrusted to him by Tony, the young mutant locked himself into his improvised lab for days at a time. Worried about what he was doing down there, and fearing for his health and wellbeing, the X-men finally intruded on his sanctum sanctorum. What they found was almost too incredible to be true, and possibly too dangerous to be allowed to remain in the hands of someone so young and untrained…
What they found was a brand new type of power armoured suit… What they'd found was Tech Star.

The Present:

Young Sam, intelligent but naive, tries to do as much good as he can while trying to stay away from trouble. Grounded more than any other student in the hisory of Xavier's school, he has a knack of getting into trouble as fast as his wits and particular talents get him out of it. Years sooner than anticipated, his education has shifted from the merely scholastic to the semi-heroic, with as much time spent at a school desk as in the gym or the danger room. Despite this, he's still mostly the same as when he entered the school, although he tends to now spend his afternoons off as his alter ego, being taught the tricks of the trade by the likes of Iron Man, the X-men and the Avengers. SHIELD keeps a close eye on his activities, dearly wanting to have a chat with him about the unlicensed creation of military grade power armour, but so far seem to have been content to observe rather than interfere.

One thing he has learned however…

It's not the suit that's important, it's how you wear it.

Tech-Star Logs
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