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Played by: ???
Name: Terrock Kord Bolin
Codename: Orc
Alias: {$alias}
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: Shop Owner
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Terrock has always been an unusual case. No one knows who his actual parents are. He was abandon outside an orphanage in Australia as a baby. Their only gift and clue to him being a rather large medallion. At first he was like any other normal boy. No one had even suspected he was a mutant, or even knew he was one. But as he grow, his mutations started taking hold. By the time he was 3 he appeared to be covered in fur. Unsual, yes, unexplainable, no. Doctors figured he had "werewolf syndrome". It would made him harder to adopt, but not impossible. But the years went on, and more things became notacible. He was taller then all the other boy and had begun growing canines. Something was deffiantly wrong with him. No one wanted to adopt such a…beastial child. By the time he was seven he had been through eight diffrent families and multiple foster homes. His constant transfers where the result of how much the lad seemed to like meat, raw meat at that. The system didn't know what to do with him, eventaully he was put up for international adoption.
A few weeks had passed and an older couple,around 40 and from America, had fallan in love with him. They themselves used to be part of a "freak" show. Darrel was knon as the lion man, and his wife, Ruth, was incredably flexable. So Terrock looks did not bother them. It was a peaceful time, and a real chance for Terrock to be in a loving home. But even they could not have anticipated how diffrent Terrock would become. At eight years of age, he was already nearing six feet in height, and his "tusk" have become quite prominent. Around this time he also began exhibitng feats of great strength. Not wanting Terrock to be raised friendless and alone, the couple along with Terrock began traveling with their old circus group.
Uncoventional, yes, but Terrock loved it. He would often perform along side his father, and even the circus Strong Man. The circus master made sure he got an education, while everyone made sure Terrock knew how to act when not in an act. These lesson and times would help him grow up to be the man he is today. His main job though was taking care of the animals. No one quite realized Terrock amulet was magic, but they thought he had a "gift" for animals, so he became their chief keeper.
Soon his teenage years came, and to everyone shock, Terrock grow even more, and rapidly gain weight. But he wasn't getting fatter, but more muscle. But once a family, always a family. Instead of taking over the Strong man job, since he was, by now far stronger, he made pretend to be obsurredly weak for his size. A comedy act that had the crowd roaring. But times were becomming hard. With other forms of entertainment rearing it's ugly head, the circus could not pay the actors, feed the animals, or even themselves. The circus itself was disbanded, but the majority of them, Terrock, Darrel and Ruth included, pull their saving togeather to get themselves a big enough home, as well as hold them through untill they got jobs. To this day, that is where his family, except himself stays. Terrock still young, has set off to find his own way through the world. That was mabey fifteen years ago. By now Terrock had open his own own shop and had gotten a collage education. And he knew what he really was, a mutant. And with them on the rise, he decided to try and join up with other like him. Somehow he hears about a school for mutants and decides to join up, and that is where we find him today.

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