The Asthma Monster
The Asthma Monster
Lewis Lovhaug
Played by: Lewis Lovhaug
Name: Daniel Tyler
Codename: The Asthma Monster
Alias: Daniel
Race: Human
Team: Independent
Occupation: Terrorist
Additional Info: NA

A native of Midville, Georgia, Daniel Tyler developed asthma at a young age. He was picked on by other children for his condition, and refused to take medication out of a misguided sense of childish pride. As time went on, he became a bitter, grudge-filled young man, and his asthma continued to worsen until it was a near-constant threat to his life. In a panic, he sought out someone to help him build a life support system, becoming acquainted with Phineas Mason, the Tinkerer, in the process.

With the help of the Tinkerer, Daniel successfully constructed an early version of the suit he now wears, keeping his asthma at bay. For the next several years, Daniel was an unofficial apprentice of the Tinkerer, learning everything he could about gadgeteering while also studying pathology, allergology, and chemistry. In more recent times, he built his current suit and weapons with all the knowledge he gained, and struck out on his own to finally carry out the grudge he had built up toward society as a whole. If he couldn't breathe, then neither would the world.

The-Asthma-Monster Logs
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