The Atom
Played by: n/a
Name: Raymond "Ray" Palmer
Codename: The Atom
Alias: Ray
Race: Metahuman
Team: Justice League
Occupation: College professor
Additional Info: Score one for objective reality!

Ray Palmer grew up with an intense interest in science and an analytical mind perfectly suited to it. By the time he hit grad school at a prestigious university his future in academia seemed fairly certain. And then he made an incredible discovery. A chunk of exotic matter that he identified as having originated in the heart of a dwarf star. He went on to study this, and eventually determined that he could create a lens out of the material that, with the proper energy input, was capable of rearranging some very basic properties of matter.

Upon testing his device he found it amazingly effective at shrinking objects and even at changing their effective mass. Unfortunately, use on living materials seemed to inevitably result in destabilization and an explosion.

Not long after this realization, Ray found himself and several other students trapped in a cave during a spelunking expedition He had his device with him, and decided to use it on himself so that he could escape and get help for the others. He fully expected to die as a result. Instead, a latent property in his genetics (the metahuman gene) activated, and rendered him uniquely resistant to the side effects of the machine.

After this incident, Ray made an effort to conceal all his research on the Dwarf Star material, and made himself a suit with more advanced controls so that he could put his creation to use as a superhero. Then he set out, with the same single minded focus that he applies to every other problem, to make himself a better superhero. He trained himself intensely, both physically and in the use of his suit. In addition, he took up Judo, eventually grinning his expertise to mastery of that combat style.
Using his powers for the good of others, and combating various threats large and small (and some large threats that were too physically small for anyone else to handle),

Ray eventually attracted the attention of the Justice League. While he has maintained his civilian identity as a full professor at his university (fortunately his is mostly a research, rather than a teaching, position), Ray has since then been on the "On Call" rolls of the League, and thrown himself into combat when needed.

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