The Bad Wolf
Doctor's Companion
Billie Piper
Played by: Billie Piper
Name: Rose Tyler
Codename: The Bad Wolf
Alias: Rose
Race: human
Team: U.N.I.T.
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Rose Tyler was born in London, but has no memories of her father - he died in a car accident when she was a baby. (She met him later.) She grew up in a single-parent home, an only child, and joined the gymnastics club in school. She eventually graduated high school and started to work in a department store, having a boyfriend in Mickey Smith, and tolerated the eccentric behavior of her mother Jackie Tyler.

Then the day that changed her life forever - when some strange man told her to run late at night after work. Who then blew up her building. She finally met this man who called himself the Doctor, who offered to take her with him on his travels.

Traveling to the year 5 billion, she watched the Earth be destroyed - then eventually traveled all through time and space. Oddly enough, the phrase 'Bad Wolf' was everywhere they went. She met a bunch of aliens - from living trees to Daleks. Over the traveling, she started falling in love with the Doctor - her crush on Mickey fading into nothing.

Then the Doctor banished her, sent her back home to avoid certain death at the 'hands' of a Dalek invasion. Refusing to accept this, and seeing the phrase Bad Wolf one more time, she managed to secure a way to pop open the TARDIS console… and looked into the heart of the Time Vortex. Taking it to the future, she called herself the Bad Wolf, and destroyed the Daleks. The Doctor took the energy back… but doing that caused his regeneration.

This new 'Tenth Doctor' was strange. Rose's feelings for him were shaken to the core, but… as she got to know the new Doctor - she realizes how similar he is to the one she knew, and her love for him reasseted, as many more adventures were undertaken. Then… the Battle of Canary Wharf, where Rose ended up trapped in a parallel universe - permanently. Lost from the Doctor, she tried EVERYTHING to get back… until the Reality Bomb of Davros started to tear down the walls between parallels, and she managed to return home… in time to help defeat the Daleks. Then she was returned to that parallel - with a TARDIS seed that she nutured for the next few years. Though a 'copy' of the Doctor was there - it wasn't good enough. She wanted the real Doctor back… and… she did her best to get back. And… one day… while tinkering in the baby TARDIS… she suddenly found herself back in this world's New York City. Not knowing how or why, she tries to find the Doctor once more, spreading the words Bad Wolf around intentionally… she is now trying to find the love of her life…

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