The Blob
The Blob
Stephen Stanton
Played by: Stephen Stanton
Name: Frederick Dukes
Codename: The Blob
Alias: Fred
Race: Mutant
Team: Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation: Terrorist
Additional Info: NA

The Blob was born as Frederick J. Dukes in Lubbock, Texas, on the 5th of November 1991. Throughout his childhood, he was bullied harshly for his immense obesity, and the problems got progressively worse once his powers began to manifest at puberty. Partway through high school, he dropped out and ran away to become a carnival performer, believing himself to be nothing more than an extra strong freak. He spent a few years with the carnival, until he was eventually approached by Charles Xavier, who offered to let him join the X-Men.

Although Fred was smitten by Jean at first sight and nearly joined just to be near her, once he discovered that he was part of the next step in human evolution, he arrogantly declined. If he was so special, then what was to stop him from becoming the lord and master of the people who ridiculed him all his life? Returning to the carnival, he tried to use his powers to force the people there into doing his bidding, but was stopped by the X-Men, who had followed him there. After his defeat, he escaped and was tracked down by Erik Magnus, who convinced him to join the Brotherhood of Mutants to fight for the superiority of mutantkind.

Since that day, Fred has taken to calling himself the Blob, and he has been a regular thorn in the collective sides of the X-Men. However, he is still hopelessly enamored with Jean, and still awkwardly tries to form some kind of positive relationship with her. What the future will bring for him in this and other endeavors remains to be seen.

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