The Eleventh Doctor
The Doctor
Matt Smith
Played by: Matt Smith
Name: The Doctor
Codename: The Eleventh Doctor
Alias: Eleven and 11.
Race: Alien
Team: n/a
Occupation: The Doctor. He helps cure the sickness of the universe.
Additional Info: Fezzes are cool!

The Doctor is an enigmatic and rather old individual, spanning many long lifetimes his entire history is a mystery to all but himself, and a little bit to himself. A person that's done a lot of running and saving humanity. A lot usually happens around Christmas and it often makes news, even those contacts the Doctor does consort with don't have the full picture of what's going on, and would likely be driven mad with the length. He does have a little blue book that catalogues his day to day, however.

Notably he has saved the Earth from destruction a number of times at the hands of invasive, slumbering, or otherwise hostile attacks from within and from beyond and has done a good deal to maintain the stability and purity of the timeline and do his best to minimize the effects of entropy on life as a whole. In atonement for his act of genocide in the far past, he is doing the best to prevent as much damage as he comes across and solve mysteries that muddy up the timeline or otherwise threaten the lifespan of the universe, often with a human companion or two, and the occasional non-human sentient at his side. Sometimes with machines, but hardly ever all on his own. His arrival is heralded with a telltale sound and the appearance of a blue box with a light, that's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside and can travel through space and time.

Eleven Logs
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