The Master
John Simm
Played by: John Simm
Name: Harold Saxon
Codename: The Master
Alias: Saxon, Harold, HS, and Master
Race: Time Lord
Team: n/a
Occupation: Politician, Hopeful Ruler of the Universe.
Additional Info: Do you hear them? Drums.

Born on Gallifrey and a childhood friend of the Doctor, The Master had a pretty normal childhood. At least until he looked into the Time Vortex and went nuts! Since then he has spent his life or lives, with two main goals. To kill the Doctor and to rule the Galaxy. He has attempted to do both countless times and has been thwarted countless times. This does not stop him though. He just keeps going, Turning up at the least opportune times. More Recently he has begun targeting the Time Period that the Doctor seems to favor. Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Earth. He honestly believes that if he can destroy the Doctor, then there will be no stopping him from taking over the universe.

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