The Tenth Doctor
The Doctor
David Tennant
Played by: David Tennant
Name: The Doctor
Codename: The Tenth Doctor
Alias: ten
Race: alien (Timelord)
Team: N/A
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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The Doctor is someone that has lived many lifetimes, at least by human standards, and as such has had countless adventures and experiences spanning throughout the entire universe. No one but himself knows everything he has done over this time but himself, and even he has probably forgotten some of it. The Doctor is somewhat known on earth, having saved it countless times by now from alien threats, however many do not even know of his existence. On many of his adventurers he is accompanied by one or two companions. Those that do know of him will always recognize his appearance by his tell tale blue police box that has a distinctive blue light on top.
The 10th incarnation of The Doctor is one who has done much in his life, even going so far as to prevent regeneration just because he quote “liked this face” The Doctor over this time had 3 different companions travel with him, Rose Tyler (currently residing in a alternate universe), Martha Jones (currently working with TorchWood),and Donna Noble (Currently with her family and no memory of her time with The Doctor), as of late, The Doctor has been travelling alone. Some major accomplishments of this Doctor include, preventing an invasion by the cybermen on earth from a parallel dimension, unfortunately resulting in the loss of Rose to this dimension, stopping the terraforming of Earth by the Sontarans, battling The Master after finding him at the end of the universe, meeting River Song for the first time (however this was the last time she would see him as she was almost killed and her ghost stored in the library’s computer), and finally saving the Earth, multiple other planets, and the entire universe from Davros’ plan to use the reality bomb. This Doctor’s most recent adventure involved him saving three of the crew members of Earth’s first mars mission, believing he could change a fixed point in time, however, the result was still the same. Shortly following this, The Doctor received a summons by the Ood, and has been running from them ever since.

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