Eons ago, the multiverse was born and within moments of it's birth, the universes themselves began to branch and develop and become their own entities.

Within the infinite infinities, the spark of life began, the being known as Nemesis, the original life.

She spread herself among the infinites and created the seeds of life across the multiverse.

Since the time man first developed tools and agriculture they have grown rapidly and every few generations there is a great leap via some discovery or mutation. The latest instance in this trend is the appearance of mutants. These "gifted" individuals have had a profound effect on the human populace. A primal fear of being replaced and becoming irrelevant hat been an unspoken factor in the last century's rapid technological developments and even the horrific wars and conflicts.

Nearing two decades into this new millennium and countless skirmishes, treaties, and new marvels, humans (with their countless superheroes and villains) and mutants are still in a struggle with new foes and saviors on the horizon few are looking up to the skies where new and even more dangerous and unusual events and beings conceive and enact their own plans, schemes, and machinations.

Then, in late January of 2017, most of the infinity stones were gathered by Thanos. Seeking the remaining stone, he sought out Earth, his quest for the final stone fueled by rumors of powerful creatures. While in another universe Darkseid was seeking the Anti-Life Equation and headed for his own universe's version of Earth, to seek out and eradicate the sentient life there, forcibly removing the subconscious code from the primitive natives of that world.

In reaction to the double threat, some of these universes were forced upon each other to revent catastrophy. Today the beings from these two different universes are forced to live not only in the same space, but mostly on the same planets, now both confused by this seemingly random merger and the chaos that has resulted.

The Aether, one of the infinity stones is what has caused these mutations, being within their very genes, to occur. However large collections of the Aether exist as red and black amorphous stones, hidden away within the world and being called the Flames of Darkness, they rant any human an instant mutation, and any mutant they enhance their powers several fold.

We are a Marvel Universe Text-Based Roleplaying Game where people can create original characters, or play an established character such as Captain America or the Mighty Thor! Our Theme is set in a Year One version the TRN-123 Marvel Universe. This allows players to focus on character rather than decades of history.

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