Played by: Unknown
Name: Theodore "Theo" Oliver Aguchi
Codename: N/A
Alias: Theo
Race: Human
Team: N/A
Occupation: None
Additional Info: N/A
  • The insidious vampire Dio was a great user of people. Much like Genghis Khan, Dio believed that the world was his to rule. And one of the ways he sought to go about ruling that world was to, ahem, 'sow his wild oats' in as many 'fields' as possible. So to speak. To this end, while Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Mohammed Avdol, Noriyaki Kakyoin, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, and Iggy hunted down Dio… well, he went about gathering followers and fathering children. One of those children was with a woman named Michelle Gunn.
  • She was on a business trip to Egypt when she met Dio. She had been working late, and she came across him while on her way back to her hotel. His eye contact sent her heart skipping, and his smile alone practically swept her off her feet. So of course she accepted when he asked her to go for a drink. A month later the two were involved, and within three months she was carrying his child. He disappeared soon after. She ended up marrying a man named Sebastian Bell, more for her reputation than love, so her child would not be born out of wedlock.
  • Her child was born in New York State, when she went back to her husband's estate; his family was well-to-do, and wouldn't have her working when she was with child. Said child was a girl, who Michelle named Marillion. Marillion didn't like the stuffy confines of the indoors, and so often snuck out to wander outside the grounds, particularly at night. She found out in her teens that she was different than the other kids — she could stimulate plant growth and comunicate with animals. She had a Stand, "Fiddler's Green", and it was this that allowed her to accomplish this.
  • She wasn't the only one who noticed, either. The Speedwagon Foundation, who tended to keep track of Stand users — and relatives of Dio — approached her after her Stand manifested. They just wanted to make certain that her Stand was under control, and to let her know that they were there to assist if she ever did need help with it. They also explained what a Stand was in the first place, as well as telling her aboout Dio, her father (as that's where her Stand came from in the first place). The Speedwagon Foundation determined that she was no threat, and merely gave her their number.
  • But life goes on, Stand or no. She was only sixteen when she met William "Biffy" Clyro, but the pair of them were in love instantly. He was an up-and-coming rock star, and of course her parents didn't approve. Not wanting to go through the years-long spiel of having to fight with her family, she ran away with him. Unfortunately, teenagers will be teenagers, and "accidents" happen. This "accident" was a boy that Marillion named Theodore. Marillion soon broke up with William, before the child was born, because she wanted to keep the child, and he wasn't exactly mature enough to handle being a father. She wouldn't go back to her own family, for fear they would make her give Theo up for adoption. She became the last thing her family wanted her to be — a single mother. It was hard, raising a boy alone. But she worked hard to give Theo as good a life as she could.
  • When Theo was about ten, Marillion made the acquaintence of Anaman Aguchi. Marillion's love of music had come back to haunt her again; but instead of a struggling rock star, Anaman was a talented and well-established violinist. Not only was he respected and well-to-do, but he accepted Theo as well. On top of that, Theo and Anaman seemed to actually GET ALONG! Particularly because Theo shared his mother's love of music, though Theo was more skilled with singing and dance than the violin his adopted father preferred. Still, the two of them got along well, so Theo was persuaded to take his new father's last name. Everything seemed set for a peaceful life. Until Theo developed a Stand.
  • Marillion never told Theo about Fiddler's Green, so Theo had no idea that his grandfather was the vampire Dio. But when he was seventeen, his own Stand manifested. He was at the site of a hit and run on a quiet street, and saw the accident. He didn't have time to look away, it happened too fast. Theo didn't question the instinct, but went to the unconscious victim's side, as he was the only one there, and started checking for a pulse. But when he bent down to listen at the victim's chest, he felt a crawling sensation on his face. He sat up quickly, and batted the thing away from his face. It fell on the victim, and he discovered it was a metal spider with… what might be considered a derpy-looking face. Almost cute, but where had it come from?
  • And then he felt more of them. They jumped from his face, onto the victim, where they began to spin golden threads over the injured parts of the victim's body. Disturbingly, a few even crawled in the victim's mouth, presumably to get to the injuries inside. Theo sat in shock and watched the metal spiders basically knit the victim back together, before they disappeared. But their threads remained, and before his eyes the injuries started to heal. He had the presence of mind to call emergency services… and then he RAN! He couldn't go back home, not after that. Because SPIDERS OUT OF HIS MOUTH! How was that not creepy?! He needed to get far away, to keep anybody from finding out.
  • When he didn't return the next day, his mother knew something had gone wrong. Call it mother's intuition. But she knew that, whatever was wrong, it wasn't something mundane. So, she used the number for the Speedwagon Foundation, that had remained unused ever since they approached her as a teen to explain her lineage. She called them. Told them her son was missing, and she had a terrible fear that it was because he had a Stand too. Would they be able to find him? Would he be all right? Or would a mother's worst fears come to pass?
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