Things That Go Bump In The Night
Things that Go Bump In The Night
Title: Things that Go Bump In The Night
Status: Finished
Synopsis: Strange things are appearing in crowded places. Sometimes tangible, sometimes not.
Duration: October 2014 - February 2015
Participants: Black Cat, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Dominique, Loki, Phantasm, Surge
Run By: Phantasm
Additional Info: Mwah ha ha.
Ha ha.
Ha ha.
  • Giant spider appears in Times Square terrorizing people. Dr. Strange intervenes.
  • Doctor Strange and Loki come across an oddity in the Upper East Side, just a stones throw from the Avengers Mansion. A Giant mutant killer Beaver trying to attack what visibly looks like a mutant in a hoodie.
  • Giant spider appears in the middle of the Garment district attacking people leaving a charity concert. Loki and Surge fight the spider.
  • Michael Meyers appears around Park Avenue and attacks a couple, Loki ends up getting stabbed.
  • After finding out Nightmare is controlling the other Phantasm, Leo; Doctor Strange grabs Mike, Black Widow, and Loki to help incapacitate the posessed bartender

Scene Ideas

—If you've ever wanted to run a monster of the week type scene, now's your chance! Just pick a random monster from a horror film and approximate it's movements. Just make sure it follows the following rules abilities wise:

  • No projectiles
  • No chemical type attacks
  • Brute force and cutting type attacks are alright.
  • IF the creature sees the subject, they can interact with it. If the creature doesn't see the subject, it can't interact with it. These creatures will also vanish after a certain time period so ending the conflict when you want to should be reasonably easy.
  • The strength level isn't going to be 'knocking over buildings strong' but 'knocking over a car' to 'knocking over a person' level. It varies, adjust according to your player group.
  • The prime motivation of the attack is to cause terror to those that see it.
  • There will be at least one raven visible at some point in the scene. Simply observing. It/they will likely fly off when the creature vanishes.—
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