U-Go Girl
Tragic Teleporter
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Edith 'Edie' Constance Sawyer
Codename: U-Go Girl
Alias: Edie, Edith
Race: Mutant
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: Hacker and Thief
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Growing up in a small backwoods town, Edith, or Edie like most people call her, had fairly uneventful early life. She never knew her biological father, although she also does not know that the man her mother is married to is not her actual father, and cannot have children. She had a brief love interest with a drifter from San Francisco when she was fourteen years old, which resulted in her becoming pregnant and giving birth to a girl she named Katie, when she was fifteen. Katie does not know that Edie is her mother, but thinks that she is an older sister instead, due to Edie's request, and is raised by her parents.

It was at this time that her mutant powers became evident also. She had already for awhile had strange occurences of waking up in different places than she went to sleep in, but after giving her daughter for her parents to raise was the first time she realized what was causing this as she teleported hundreds of miles away to Los Angeles, resulting from her desire to get away from the situation she had found herself in. This full manifestation of her mutant teleportation powers also turned her skin light-blue and her hair dark-red as a side-effect.

Once in Los Angeles she tried first to become an actress, but did not have much luck, resulting in her slipping to life of crime to be able to get the money she needed, being excellent thief due to her teleportation ability. This all changed though when she managed to get her wish to become an actress… sort of, as she managed to get in to the mutant reality tv show X-Force, originally intending to call herself Tele-Girl, but due to a rather embarrasing incident during the try-outs where she accidently flashed to some spectators and one of them yelling 'You go girl!' she instead took on the moniker of U-Go Girl.

She became a bit of a celebrity as result of the tv-show, being one of the teams most popular and commercially-minded members, giving out most of the teams interviews on CNN. However after seemingly living a dream as a star, things started turning to the worse when the manipulative manager of the team forged a plan to get the plummeting viewer numbers of the show up by having the entire team killed on a mission in live show, apart from the current team leader Zeitgeist who was in on the plot. As the team was sent to save a boy band pop group named 'Boyz R' Us' from kidnappers, a helicopter gunship appeared on the scene and opened fire, killing the kidnappers, the band, and most members of the team, including Zeitgeist who was caught in the crossfire. Only survivors were U-Go Girl who teleported the gunmen out of the helicopter and into free fall to their deaths, and recent recruit Anarchist.

The involvment of the manager, called Coach, into this was never discovered, so he remained in charge as new members were drafted in to fill up the roster, however, much to Edie's dismay, she was not appointed as the leader of the team, but instead one of the new recruits, called Orphan was selected by a viewer vote. Coach used this to his advantage to manipulate Edie into sabotaging his leadership of Orphan, whos ideals were much more altruistic than Coach's, and as such he wanted to get rid of Orphan. Edie eventually decided to side with Orphan though, at which point Coach drugged her and attempted to rape her, however she recovered enough to fight against him, and during the struggle, the Coach's gun went off, killing him.

Edie was horrified, both by what the Coach had tried to do, and that she had effectively killed the man, certain that she would be put in prison, she teleported away from Coach's office before anyone came to the scene. This was the last time anyone ever saw U-Go Girl, as Edie started to keep a very low profile since then, she was sixteen at the time, going back to her earlier career as a thief, she used the money she gained from her heists to fund further training for herself, determined to never get taken advantage of again, she trained in both unarmed combat and the use of guns, as well as, to follow the times when most valuable things to steal would be information in computers, becoming expert hacker as well. Over the years she also learned to better control her powers, while longer range teleportations still exhaust her, they no longer cause her to literally fall asleep in most cases.

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