Valentin Shatalov
Red Menace
Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov
Played by: Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov
Name: Valentin Shatalov
Codename: Crimson Dynamo
Alias: alias here
Race: Metahuman
Team: team here
Occupation: Unemployed
Additional Info:

*Orphaned at a young age Valentine is sent to live in a foster home where he is picked on, and abused. Taking his suffering to heart he grows strong, becoming a survivor, refusing to ever give up. When he reaches the age of adulthood he is selected for service in the red army, as little more then cannon fodder.

*Fighting tooth and nail from one battle to the next Shatalov is able to raise up through the ranks. Along the way receiving a number of commendations for fully devoted service to the party and the nation as a whole. His devotion to his country unending, even as he is never simply handed anything.

*With blood sweat and tears Valentin is eventually able to raise to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. It is around this time that Valentin's latent mutant abilities begin to show, and the party takes notice. He is taken and placed into a secret research program code-named Crimson Dynamo.

*Experimented on, examined, and run through all measure of tests meant to break him down Valentin holds strong and eventually is deemed ready for field testing. He surpass every test given with flying colors.

*Despite a failure to replicate the success of Valentin to the same degree, with other Crimson Dynamo soldiers, Valentin enjoys a highly successful career. He becomes a national symbol of soviet pride, and is even invited to dinners with Stalin, and other party leaders. As a show of gratitude he is given a bride, and a place of honor as a member of the secret police.

*On Christmas eve 1989 Shatalov is given a mission to track down and destroy a super-weapon believed to be being developed in the arctic circle. However while en-route to the base he is the victim of an ambush, unable to see in the overtly harsh conditions of a complete whiteout. He crashes hard into the snow, being knocked completely unconscious by the impact only to be quickly covered over by snow.

*Due to severe damage sustained in the crash, and the sheer amount of snow already covering him Shatalov is unable to move when he awakes. His communications systems proving broken as well in the crash. He's trapped in his suit, his suits life support systems kicking in in order to keep him alive.

*For twenty six years Valentin is trapped alone beneath the snow and ice. Unable to even die with the way his suit has been wired together. His body atrophies to an extent, and he finds himself driven almost mad by the isolation, with only a meager collection of music to keep him company.

*On September 15th 2015 a team of finish scientists studying a number of effects of strange electromagnetic signals in the region come across a single boot of the crimson dynamo, sticking out of the ice, and snow. In their closer examination the team find Valentin is still alive, in his own personal metal coffin. In their rush to get him to safety the team manage to set Shatalov free from his prison, who takes his one chance to escape, severely injuring a number of the scientists when he suddenly kicks from a stop to mach 7 in his attempts to escape from people who he thinks seek to take his suit from him.

Valentin Logs
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