Katheryn Winnick
Played by: Katheryn Winnick
Name: Brunnhilde
Codename: Valkyrie
Alias: None
Race: Asgardian
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: Chooser of The Slain
Additional Info: None

Among the Asgard, one of the most mysterious groups is the elite known as the Valkryior. No one knows their true origin, at least none still living, not even Odin himself and perhaps the most mysterious of all is their leader, Brunnhilde. Little is known of her past before she came into Odin's service. Even her own memories of this period are hazy.
What is known is her history since then. After pledging themselves to Odin, the Valkryior became his elite warriors, both his personal guard and a special organization of warriors on the battlefield as well. Their chief duty became the transport of the souls of great warriors in Midgard and Asgard from their deaths to the halls of Odin and their ancestors in the paradise of Valhalla. As a result, of all the Asgard, the Vaklkryior became familiar with Midgard the most and Brunnhilde chief among them. Tales have not been told of this time, but rumors speak that she spent time among the people of Midgard as one of their own and her lifetime there inspired legends that eventually accumulated in the Wagnarian opera.
About a thousand years before the present day, Odin cut off Midgard from Asgard, along with the other pantheons. As a result, Brunnhilde, who had become enamored and fascinated by Midgardian culture, was cut off completely, as were the rest of her companions. They were unable to accomplish their chief duty there and were forced to boredom with the small amount of Asgard that died. They retasked themselves in an effort to stay relevant even in those relatively peaceful days, focusing more on their royal guard duties and serving as swift messengers on their steeds, as well as leading commanders in Odin's military. Of all of them, however, Brunnhilde still remembers her time on Midgard fondly and hopes for a day she would be able to return there once more, to drink and tell tales amongst the warriors of the North Men.

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