Jessica Biel
Played by: Jessica Biel
Name: Ophelia Sarkissian
Codename: Viper
Alias: Ophelia
Race: Human
Occupation: Evil Mastermind
Additional Info: Looks good for her age.

Orphaned at a very young age, Ophelia would consider herself fortunate to have been swept up under the scaled wings of Hydra. . Political revolution had swept the Eastern European country her and her parents had lived in - a country long since forgotten. Ophelia would never forget that her parents had died there. She wore a scar that reminded her of the incident, a young girl who was forced to turn to crime as a means of survival.
Even in her youth she became a ruthless mercenary and a capable criminal. At this age she had ended up in Madripoor, mentored by the dangerous woman 'Seraph', who would take both her and a 'younger' Logan Howlett in. Seraph proved to be unparalleled among female peers of the time, a sought after villain with a mercenary heart who excelled at Assassination with what some called a 'flair' for no flair at all, subtlety and a style her own her 'trademark' as it were. Seraph passed, and what happened there is forever between Ophelia and Logan.
After the death of her mentor, Ophelia was taken in my Commander Kraken, as one of HYDRA's earliest female assassins. She was a prize protg and wasted no time at all climbing the ranks in HYDRA. When Von Strucker was believed dead and HYDRA had it's own infighting, Viper stepped up as 'Madame Hydra' to lead the organization on her own for the first time by taking control of HYDRA's operations in New York city and the surrounding region.
With interference from interstellar and dimensional entities, Madame Hydra was removed from HYDRA's power struggles for a short time sitting in Limbo. When she returned she had found herself usurped as HYDRA leadership, and once again made her own way in the criminal underworld. She became a usurper herself, assassinating the leadership of the 'Serpent Squad' - a man named 'Viper.' She sought the 'Serpent Crown's power in an ambitious conquest of the world, an helped by Krang. She was finally stopped by Captain America in one of many run ins with America's First Avenger - but retained the title of Viper and the Serpent Squad's leadership.
Her further adventures took her throughout the world, including a long stint in Japan. She traveled the world as an independent leader of her own criminal organization, with the Silver Samurai serving as her own personal bodyguard. Having control of the Japanese underworld and a worldwide organization seemed to suit 'Viper' well. She worked with the Red Skull, was monitored by Natasha Romanoff and SHIELD, had run ins with Spider Woman, Spider MAN, the X-Men, Nick Fury, and in one of her most infamous endeavors, nearly stole the cavorite crystal and gave the New Mutants a run for their money.
Today, she again works with HYDRA, where her heart will always find a way back to. It is not clear if she is the head of the organization, or even it's New York wing - but it is clear that she's as cunning as ever, and those that follow her do with a fanatical loyalty uncommon even in HYDRA.

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