Vanessa Hudgens, massive extensions, much taller, even curvier, purple eyes
Played by: Vanessa Hudgens, massive extensions, much taller, even curvier, purple eyes
Name: Priscilla Kitaen
Codename: Voodoo
Alias: Priss
Race: Alien-Human Hybrid (Kherubim/Daemonite/Human)
Team: WildC.A.T.s
Occupation: Exotic Dancer
Additional Info: Nothing yet

Growing Up
Born just over two decades ago near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Priscilla Kitaen is part of the latest generation born in the ongoing cold war conflict between the secreted factions of the Kherubim and Daemonites who took refuge on Earth millennia ago, hiding amongst the human population and giving rise to more than a few legends and mythologies relating to exceptionally powerful figures, gods, angels and monsters. Most unusual amongst these many generations of pureblood and human hybrids, Priscilla is in fact descended from both Daemonite and Kherubim, as well as human ancestry which apparently includes homo magi, and is herself a human mutant. A one-woman melting pot, her human ancestry includes African (Haitian), Creole and Hispanic descent.

Priscilla's early life was certainly not one of stability. Born deep on the wrong side of the tracks, she lost her parents early on, likely as a result of the ongoing flare-ups of conflict between Daemonite and Kherubim forces. Priscilla was raised in the Foster Care system. Though not a victim of some of the worst abuses that can arise in that system, she nevertheless never knew adoption, and never really had a sense of belonging. She also rarely new security, and had little in the way of resources or opportunities.

As bright as she may have been, Priscilla was doing well not to have failed out of school, and college or something better in life was a pipe dream in which she was too much of a realist to indulge. Using her talents in athleticism, dance, grace and beauty, she made the best life she felt she could by becoming an exotic dancer. Her talent and her beauty would soon allow her to rise to one of the upper echelons of that unauspicious profession as a second-tier headliner.

Priss had no idea about her powers, or her alien heritage. All of that changed when she discovered her ability to See a Daemonite possessing a man in the audience of her club. Almost immediately thereafter, a fight broke out in the club, which ended with Priscilla - stage name Voodoo - whisked away by the WildC.A.T.s and inducted into the mysteries and secrets of her heritage and their ongoing conflict. Terrified, Priss stayed with the WildC.A.T.s because they promised to teach her to fight, and showed her that she had value and a power no one else had: The Sight.

Drawn to the sense of belonging and self-worth the WildC.A.T.s offered, Priscilla worked hard to become an equal member of the team, learning to better understand and eventually master her powers, while also demanding that they train her to fight, rather than allow herself to become the token weakling, protected by everyone else. She flourished under the grueling Coda training, and learned an inner confidence and strength she had lacked in her life.

Tensions arose amongst the team when it was revealed that Priscilla was not just a Kherubim hybrid, but also had Daemonite ancestry. This truth was revealed when Priss was badly injured during a battle and left in a coma. Seeking to rescue her from the coma, another teammate used a computer-assisted mind-merge to try to awaken her, and explored Priscilla's memories, which included the genetic memories of that Daemonite-possessed ancestor.

Feeling rejected by her teammates, who could not come to terms with the truth that their friend was in fact partially descended from the very enemies they were all dedicated to fighting, Priscilla left the WildC.A.T.s and went off on her own for a while, returning to dancing in her travels. She found strength and peace as she explored her own mind and her increased physical powers from her Daemonite ancestry. She also discovered a talent for magic and mysticism when she returned to Louisiana and became embroiled in a complex murder plot with Vouduon-inspired rituals. She even made an alliance with some of the Loa, including Papa Legba and Baron Samedi.

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