Janet Van Dyne
Stephanie Szostak
Played by: Stephanie Szostak
Name: Janet Van Dyne
Codename: Wasp
Alias: Jan
Race: Metahuman
Team: Avengers
Occupation: TV Host, Fashion Designer
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Janet van Dyne was the daughter of eminent scientist Vernon van Dyne. Having grown into the circles of science as well as the wealthy, she was unprepared when one of her father's experiments unleashed an alien monstrosity and lead to his demise. Inheriting her full family fortune, Janet began to work with her father's associate, Henry Pym, in the development of the Pym particles, a discovery that allowed for miniaturization of even living subjects.
After being infused with the Pym particles, Janet soon developed the ability to shrink, generate bio-electric blasts, and even grow wings at a small size that led her to adopt the identity of the Wasp. A founding member of the Avengers, she even gave the team their name and has risen to the occasion of leadership more than once.

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