Hugh Jackman
Played by: Hugh Jackman
Name: James "Logan" Howlett
Codename: Wolverine
Alias: Weapon X
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Gym Coach; Shop Teacher
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Xavier's School: Teacher of:
Woodshop, Autoshop, Physical Education
The memories of the man known as James "Logan" Howlett start around 1972, during his time as an experimental subject in the Weapon X project. Many sources date him as a 19th century Canadian. However, as had been noted by Charles Xavier, the man bears a striking resemblance in appearance and thought patterns to man's much much older ancestor, the Neanderthal.
The truth about this particular iteration of Wolverine may never be known. What is known is that he has only recently appeared in this particular reality and seems grumpier-than-usual about the shift from his own universe and timeline.
The divergence between Earth-616 and this James Howlett began around the time that Logan fought Hulk and Wendigo. Already troubled by the moral direction of Department H, Logan avoided direct confrontation with the Hulk while battling Wendigo, eventually becoming friends with Bruce Banner and assisting him out of the wilderness past the assembled military troops.
While this still led to Logan being discovered by Charles Xavier and offered a position with the School and X-Men, Logan's friendship with Banner meant that he didn't feel the need to join the early days of the X-Men. In his universe, Loki's attempt to use the Hulk against Thor failed thanks to Logan's intervention, and Wolverine joined the Avengers.
What is most interesting to alternate-reality historians is that Wolverine joining the X-Men would logically seem to be the time-line aberration. James Howlett met Nick Fury in World War II, spared the life of Captain America in the same war, worked with Carol Danvers after the war, and even trained Natasha Romanoff in hand-to-hand combat. Yet somehow, the battle in the wilderness with the Hulk - and not decades of abuse by governments - caused him to distrust all public agencies enough to lead to his association with Charles Xavier.
In his own reality, during the Battle of New York, Wolverine and not Iron Man was used to deflect the path of the nuclear missile. Hulk threw James at the missile, and Wolverine rode the bomb into Chitauri space where it exploded, destroying the dimensional portal. The explosion flung the pieces that make up Logan into the universe of Flame of Darkness. Like a flaming meteor, Wolverine's pieces cratered into the front lawn of Xaver's School.

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