Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot
Played by: Gal Gadot
Name: Diana Prince
Codename: Wonder Woman
Alias: Diana
Race: Amazon
Team: Justice League
Occupation: Ambassador
Additional Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw_o7XUX3fg

The legend that is Wonder Woman has gone through the rumor mill that her story has many versions. The truth behind it? Only Diana knows.

Diana was born approximately in 3000 B.C. on the island of Themyscira, to Zeus, the King of the Greek Olympian Gods, and Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. Her mother Queen Hippolyta, rules over the isle as a mother rules over her children, yet it was clear that Diana was favored by the Queen above all.

Diana grew up surrounded by her "sisters" who loved and cared for her through her entire childhood. She gained a great deal of knowledge through their mentorship. As she grew older, Diana showed the speed, strength, and prowess that most Amazon Warriors showed, yet her abilities exceeded those of her age. Eventually because of this, she drew the attention of the gods for her valor, her determination, and her skill. It was clear that at a young age, Diana would follow the path of an Amazon Warrior. Her leadership skills grew orming numerous bonds with her sisters that would fast their first real test when a pilot accidentally crashed on the mystical isle. It was the first time Diana had met a man.

Diana witnessed the airplane soaring through the sky, before crashing in the nearby bay outside of Themyscira, close to the cliff where she stood. She leapt down into the ocean and rescued the pilot, only to discover a human soldier named Steve Trevor lying unconsciously on the Themysciran beach. She approached him as he came to, asking him if he was a man, due to Diana never having come across a male before in her life. Though somewhat confused, Steve affirmed that he was, rhetorically asking if he looked like one.

Enemy soldiers stormed the beaches of Themyscira on that same day, the Amazonian Warriors were forced to fight them off and for the first time generations, man clashed with Amazon. Many lives were lost on that day, and Steve Trevor was forced to face the leaders of the Themysciran Council, to answer the questions of why this all happened.

Steve explained the current state of man's world, and he plead for his safe return to it, so that he may regain his fight against the enemies of his people. It was then that Diana saw an opportunity to leave her homeland and experience what the rest of the world had to offer. She chose to take it, through much turmoil with her mother and aunts.

Diana would leave Themyscira and participate in events of World War I, fighting along side the Allied Powers. At or near the end of the war in 1918, Diana was in Belgium, where a photograph was taken of her with Steve Trevor and a number of others. It was not long after these events that Steve's plane went down in combat behind enemy lines, he was declared KIA. Diana attempted to find him, but she was never able to.

Stricken with grief, Diana would take on the persona of an antiqueties dealer and she'd spend the next 90 years traveling the world. It was not until a massive alien attack, that Diana would reveal herself as Wonder Woman to the world. There-after, once the aliens had been stopped, she would hide no longer and isntead has merged into the role of an Ambassador to her people.

This is where Diana Prince is today. Themyscira has a public Embassy in Metropolis, Diana still helps all of humanity, but from a more public-persona now.

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