Played by: ??
Name: Laura Kinney
Codename: X-23
Alias: Laura and X-23
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: NA

Several years after the original Weapon X project crashed and burned due to its principal subject breaking out and destroying most of the facility in the process, the survivors decided to restart the project using samples of Wolverine's blood recovered from the wreckage in an attempt to clone the only successful test subject. While the Y chromosome was too far degraded to be recoverable, the leading geneticist managed to create a viable embryo by duplicating the X chromosome instead, resulting in a girl.

Over the next seventeen years, X-23 (the first 22 attempts having been spectacularly and fatally unsuccessful) was subjected to a brutal training and conditioning regime from the moment her mind was developed enough to start learning, imbuing her with exceptional combat and infiltration skills to mold her into the perfect assassin that they'd wanted Weapon X to be. From the age of roughly ten to sixteen she was responsible for dozens of successful assassinations, meeting and exceeding every target the Facility set for her.

Unfortunately for them, the lead geneticist, Dr. Sarah Kinney had started developing a maternal bond to the girl and was experiencing increasing amounts of guilt regarding X-23's utterly inhumane reatment, especially at the hands of the main research lead, Dr. Zander, whose father had been killed by the original Weapon X.

Things came to a head when Zander used X-23 to murder the overall project lead in order to take over himself, and then revealed to Dr. Kinney his intention to mass-produce X-23 clones to sell to the highest bidder.

Dr. Kinney finally decided that enough was enough, and with the help of another agent in the facility whose conscience had been troubling him broke X-23 free and set her to destroy the cloning facilities before assassinating the research lead and blowing the lab to cover their escape. The plan was almost entirely successful, except for one thing — during their last conversation, Zander had secreted traces of a special chemical on her, the scent of which triggered a conditioned berserk reaction in X-23, leading her to fatally injure her mother before the trigger scent wore off.

Sarah Kinney named her Laura and called her daughter before succumbing to her injuries. Laura Kinney stayed with her mother's corpse for a while longer until she heard the sound of approaching helicopters, then quickly collected the resources her mother had gathered for their escape and vanished.

It's now roughly a year later, and an orphaned young girl has just stepped off a Greyhound bus in downtown New York. In her backpack are a fake passport, several thousand dollars in cash, a hand-written letter that has been rendered almost illegible after being read over and over again, and a few photos of Charles Xavier, Logan, and the Xavier Institute…

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