Mistress of Magic
Alexandra Daddario
Played by: Alexandra Daddario
Name: Zatanna Zatara
Codename: Zatanna
Alias: Zatanna
Race: human
Team: n/a
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Zatanna is the daughter of the famous magician, John Zatara. Her mother disappeared when she was very young and she never knew her. She grew up on the road, as her father was a prestigious entertainer, and she went to large cities, full of wonder and questions. Most of her friends were part of Zatana's traveling troope, a collection of entertainers and like-minded individuals. Zatanna learned the family trade from her father himself, and Zatara sawed his daughter in half when she was 12, but it was a compromise because he did not approve of her studying magic. Zatara encouraged her study of languages instead, and many of her tutors were of foreign descent. They traveled overseas as well, to many countries, like South Africa and Saudi Arabia. As a rebellious teenager, Zatanna did not have respect for magic if it wasn't for attacking something, until one of her tutors taught her the difference between attack, control, and defense. Her father finally consented to teaching her magic when she was 16, and she spent two years experimenting before becoming proficient. While traveling through the western United States, Zatara reportedly disappeared, having not followed his routines and did not keep his promise to meet Zatanna. She reported his disappearance to the authorities, but it was if he had vanished into thin air. Zatanna knew that something had happened and she has spent years trying to unravel this mystery.

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